About us

Natividade & Carlos, Ltd. started operations in 1996 and is dedicated to the marketing of construction materials such as : ceramics , sanitary products , machinery, electrical equipment and tinsmith .
We pay special attention to the safety component , focusing on a wide range of appropriate personal protective equipment for each task .
We represent reputable brands of garden machinery and tools , agricultural machinery and tools and equipment for your home.
We have followed the development of markets in several areas where we operate, which gives us a solid base and know- how required when we advise a specific product to our customer .
To ensure the loyalty of our customers bet is always facing the quality of our products , our service and accuracy in rapid response in situations that arise in everyday life , leading to the satisfaction of our client.
We represent the best national and international suppliers in the sectors of construction, agriculture , garden and home furnishings . We have stock to respond within a short period of time to requests that come to us , we have a section of paint Barbot and we tuned the desired color at the moment. Come visit us to meet our exhibitors and exclusive areas for the brands we represent.

Some of the success factors of our company go through :
- Prices;
- Rigorous management ;
- Proximity to the customer;
- Professionalism and competence ;
- Fast response time ;


With the passion we have for this work and with the years of experience we have become experts in various fields of our trade area. The exchange of opinions and stories with our customers give us this status and we are always available to advise the best practices and best investments. Visit us!


In so abragente area, such as construction, our focus goes by the materials, tools and personal protective equipment. The construction is the area where we have a stronger bet.


We have agricultural tools and equipment, appropriate to the magnitude of your agricultural area. We advise the most indicated equipment to your case.


We sell equipment and tools for your garden. Electrical equipment and / or gasoline. Come see our offer in this area.


We represent reputed suppliers in the home equipment such as sanitary ware, heat exchangers, heaters, lighting, wall coverings, etc..